The wine cellar

             We do not compromise. Only good vintages are bottled. Wines mature in casks for at least two years, and then rest in the bottle as well. Terrano enters sale after two years from the picking, the other wines no sooner than after three or four years.


            Fermentation takes place spontaneously using ambient yeasts. We macerate Vitovska and Malvasia for an entire month, while Sauvignon only gets about four days.

            Malolactic fermentation is completed thoroughly in most of the cases. Wines are made in a natural way, so without added tannins or acids, no cleaning and filtering. Small addition of sulfur dioxide is made only during first decanting. The total amount of sulfur dioxide does not exceed 20 - 45 mg per liter.

           Due to the mentioned principles in winemaking, our wines are known as Orange wines.


Our sweet wines take several years to make. Grape drying can last betwen two and six months, fermentation two years or more, and then they mature in little oak casks for another four or five years.

           In order to avoid mould and rotting during the drying process, grapes have to be perfectly healty, without any bruise and berries loosely packed to allow internal air circulation. All these elements must be taken into consideration when selcting grapes during harvest .