Sveti Martin
Sveti Martin

Sveti Martin - History

Peter Stegovec bought a piece of land in Sveti Martin around 1880 and started a long family tradition of winegrowing and winemaking. Today, the house is still called “Pri Petrovih” (Peter’s family house). Peter was a well-read man who had obtained a permit to open a wine shop in Trieste at the end of the 19century.

His son Franc and grandson Stojan followed his footsteps However they both died young and, despite great plans, were not able to expand the estate.

The Present

Stojan’s son Boris and his wife Boža were finally able
to bring the families love and plans for the land to fruition. Through the years, they managed to expand the family estate, where the wines of Stegovec family thrive with great pride.

And, to close the family circle, Boris’ son Peter Stegovec, the fifth generation of the Stegovec family in Sveti Martin, now manages the estate. He believes in the tradition of Sveti Martin and is therefore well-suited to preserving “Pri Petrovih”.