The family vineyards

The Štemberger family respectfully nurtures the venerable tradition of the old Turk farmhouse in Šepulje.

The family’s vineyards are in two parts of the Karst: at its heart, around their home village of Šepulje, and on its edge, near historic Štanjel, where the Karst plateau overlooks the Vipava Valley.

The vineyards lie at elevations of between 280 and 360 metres above sea level and thus receive both the Mediterranean breezes and those blowing from the foothills of the Alps. The vineyards in Šepulje are on terra rossa, red soil that is rich in iron and limestone, while the soil in Štanjel is a mixture of flysch and terra rossa. The soil composition and climate profile allow the winemaker to produce wines with a distinctive original personality.

The same principles apply in the cellar. Grapes are harvested exclusively by hand. The wine is given time to mature and interventions are limited to the most essential and are as non-invasive as possible. Even the barrels and vats in the cellar reflect their environment, since they are made from traditional local materials: oak and acacia wood and Karst limestone. The winemaker is a bold guide and friendly companion on the journey from the grapes in the vineyard to the wine in the bottle.