Stokelj - a famiy history

Tradition and Knowledge

We tirelessly seek balance and harmony between what nature gives to us and what we want to give to you.

Preserving the tradition of a small Vipava Valley homestead and having a modern approach to wine production is a commitment we follow.  Preserving local varieties and the range of varieties that have been present on our estate for four generations is how we pay tribute to our ancestors. A modern outlook on wine and bearing in mind the end consumer is a promise we have been faithful to since the day we stepped into the vineyard. We are constantly learning with knowledge as our most respectful value. We learn from nature, our grandmother, experience, and from others who think differently and know more. We learn from the young and the old and follow their ideas and experiences. We value knowledge and respect terroir.  Therefore, in addition to the taste of the valley, our thoughts and desire to bring only the best to you are imprinted in the wines.


Work well and be honest with you. And with ourselves.The family is the cell within which everything is possible. One of the foundations of our estate is family and people who are dedicated to work and life with vines and wine. People who grew up in a typical countryside family in Slovene Littoral – modest, hardworking and persistent. And from there we grow and build heritage for future generations.
Our family consists of three generations; Marta, Damjan and Majda, and the youngest three - Špela, Nejc and Leja. The intertwining of youthful energy and prudent wisdom through daily work and life on the estate allows us to always give the best we have and know. We, the Štokelj family, want to know our environment and be good masters of our land. With our work we are honest to the vine and to the wine. To ourselves and to you.

Wine Queen of Slovenia

Špela Štokelj

We are proud to have been able to sit on the Slovenian wine throne for a year with Špela, who in 2014 ruled the Slovenian wine-growing region as the 18th Wine Queen of Slovenia. Špela fulfilled her mission of spreading the culture of growing, nurturing and consuming wine conscientiously and with pride, along with the help of her royal Pinela. Špela describes her experience:

When I look back on the year of the Wine Queen of Slovenia, these are not just mere memories, but experiences that will forever change my view, understanding, perception and what I am. I had the honour of meeting people who impressed me with words, actions, and bold ideas about wine promotion. I shared my ideas with people who understood the meaning and value of our exceptional Slovenian landscape, which is a gift, as well as a source and an opportunity. I shared many concerns, including hardships and uncertainties, but most of all happiness, joy and visions. That is why that year was unforgettable.